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The “Kaleidoskop der Musik” (Kaleidoscope of music) is a music group consisting of five musicians. The motto of our ensemble is “Experiencing music in its variety”. Our repertoire ranges from baroque over classic, romantic to modern music including film music, chansons, swing, pop and jazz.

Members of the Kaleidoskop are:

  • Felicitas Mandon
  • Alexander Lottner
  • David Sorgenfrei
  • Florian Sorgenfrei
  • Jonas Sorgenfrei

The variety of music can not only be seen by the different music styles we have chosen but also by the diverse instruments and vocal styles we offer. Depending on the formation we can play many different music styles. We also rearrange some pieces so that they are adequate for our formation which results in a new version.

Every musician has enjoyed a professional and comprehensive vocal or instrumental education, some even in the form studies.

Possible occasions are for example weddings, baptisms, company parties, birthdays or even entire concerts. We gladly create an appropriate concept for your event.